Gold Website Package


Services provided:

  • We will get your domain name (prices are based on .com domain names)
    • This is what people will search for in any search engine to navigate to your website
  • Your custom website build
    • 8 navigation pages
      • 3 sub-pages if needed
    • Mobile ready
      • Integrated to look and act like a desktop viewing version.
    • Your handpicked colors
    • Your chosen font size and style
    • Your picture choices
    • Your video choices
  • 1 Email account with if needed (yournewsite is your website domain)
  • Create a SSL certificate (Secure Sockets Layer)
    • This will give you a https:// domain allowing viewers to know it is a secure website where their information won’t be accessed by anyone else.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Integration. Each Page optimized for one un-ranked keyword.
    • This will give your website a higher possibility of being viewed when using a search engine.
  • Stylish Contact Forms
  • Automatic Data Backups will be enabled by default
    • This is important if you make a change to your website and it stops working.
  • *Monthly Hosting and Maintenance

Required: 12 Month Minimum Contract

Note: Domain names are registered year by year. You can take your created website & domain name to another server if you don’t like how the servers I’m using are handling your website traffic.

Required: One time Payment

Consider adding our management fees:

Gold Level management fees include:

  • Getting your main page to rank for specific keywords that are already heavily marketed on Google.
  • 4 picture, video, content changes per month
  • Daily security monitoring
  • 5 Email Accounts
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If you need a webpage built from the beginning to the end, we will provide you the complete solution.

Services provided:

Everything included in the Silver Package Plus:

  1.  8 navigation pages instead of 5 with 3 sub-pages if needed
  2. Mobile Viewing Integration
  3. Simple Integrated payment method options
  4. SSL Certificate
  5. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Integration Main Page Keyword optimized
  6. Stylish Contact Forms
  7. WordPress Automatic backups enabled by default


The domain name being purchased for your business or blog will remain in ownership of the individual(s) whom signs and pays for the purchase of the invoice. If ever the domain name will be changed from one owner to another using our services, we will need written authorization from the original owner of the domain.

Domain registration renewal must occur annually to retain the domain rights to your

SSL, Site Backup, and Privacy Protection are all annual payments if you wish to keep them.

By purchasing through us you agree to our Terms and Conditions.


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